Help for Individuals

Help for Individuals

Are you worried you may have a problem with alcohol? We can help you decide whether you think Alcoholics Anonymous is right for you. Take our simple quiz.
Help for Friends and Family

Help for Friends and Family

Are you concerned for a friend or family member that you think may have a problem with alcohol?
How can you help?
Information for Professionals

Information for Professionals

Are you an employer, referrer, or other professional with questions about dealing with alcohol related issues? Find out how we can help you.
AA Works for all Groups

AA Works for all Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous can help people of any age from teens to elderly and from all backgrounds and ethnic groups. Find out how AA can help you.
Information for the Media

Information for the Media

A.A. is happy to work with media and seeks continued cooperation in protecting the anonymity of our members. Read our media policy.

Alcoholics Anonymous New Zealand

If you find problem drinking, binge drinking, drinking blackouts or other alcohol problems are affecting  your life and that of your friends and family Alcoholics Anonymous may have the solution for you. To find out if we can help try this quick survey or contact AA by attending a meeting or contact us.

For the media:

  view our media policy or contact us.

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AA can help people of any age and background so youth drinking, teen drinking, drinking alone, drinking at home, solo drinking, elderly drinking are all factors that have brought people to AA, and we have members from 16 through to 96.

 Canterbury Television recorded a documentary, I am an Alcoholic, in July/August 2010, which shows how AA works and the help and support available via AA. To watch, click on the following links:

I am an Alcoholic Part 1                                                                            I am an Alcoholic Part 2

NB the links take you to a You Tube site.


Is Alcoholics Anonymous for you?

Is Alcoholics Anonymous for you?
Decide whether Alcoholics Anonymous is
right for you and take our simple online quiz.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

A.A. meetings are held all around NZ
every week. Locate one near you.

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